Thursiidae、おさかなマガジン 分類トップ


Family THURSIIDAE BORGEN & NAKREM 2016 トゥルシウス科
Thursiids (トゥルシウス科魚種)

Genus Thursius TRAQUAIR 1888 トゥルシウス属 (絶滅)

◆トゥルシウス・クラッピ (絶滅)
 Thursius clappi Romer 1942
 *1942『Notes on certain American Paleozoic Fishes:Alfred Sherwood Romer』。

◆トゥルシウス・エストニクス (絶滅)
 Thursius estonicus Vorobyova 1977
 *1977『Морфология и особенности эволюции кистеперых рыб:Эмилия Ивановна ВОРОБЬЕВА』。

◆トゥルシウス・フィセリ (絶滅)
 Thursius fisheri (von Eichwald 1860)
   syn.Osteolepis fisheri von Eichwald 1860
 *1860『Lethaea Rossica ou Paléontologie de la Russie, Décrite et Figurée 1:Karl Eduard von Eichwald』。

◆トゥルシウス・マクロレピドトゥス (絶滅)
 Thursius macrolepidotus (Sedgwick & Murchison 1829)
   syn.Diplopterax macrolepidotus (Sedgwick & Murchison 1829)
     Dipterus macrolepidotus Agassiz ex Egerton 1836
     Dipterus macrolepidotus Sedgwick & Murchison 1829 non Valenciennes 1829
     Thursius moythomasi Jarvik 1948
 *1829『On the Structure and Relations of the Deposits Contained Between the Primary Rocks and the Oolitic Series in the North of Scotland:Adam Sedgwick & Roderick Impey Murchison』。
 *1834『Recherches sur les Poissons Fossiles, par le Doct.Louis Agassiz, Professeur d'Histoire Naturelle à Neuchâtel in Biblioteca Italiana o sia Giornale di Letteratura Scienze ed Arti Compilato 76:Da Varj Letterati』。
 *1834『Dr.Med., Prof. Neuchâtel chez l'Auteur 1833 in Isis von Oken 1-12 1834:Lorenz Oken』。
 *1836『Catalogue of Fossil Fish in the Collections of Lord Cole and Sir Philip Grey Egerton, Arranged Alphabetically with References to the Localities, Geological Positions, and Published Descriptions of the Species:Philip de Malpas Grey Egerton』。
 *1837『A Systematic and Stratigraphical Catalogue of the Fossil Fish in the Cabinets of Lord Cole and Sir Philip Grey Egerton, Together with an Alphabetical and Stratigraphical Catalogue of the Same Species:Philip de Malpas Grey Egerton』。
 *1841『A Catalogue of Fossil Fish in the Collections of the Earl of Enniskillen:Philip de Malpas Grey Egerton』。
 *1841『Fossil Fish in the Collections of the Earl of Enniskillen:Philip de Malpas Grey Egerton』。
 *1843『Report on the Fossil Fishes of the Devonian System or Old Red Sandstone:Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz』。
 *1833-1843『Recherches sur les Poissons Fossiles 2, Contenant l'Histoire de l'Ordre des Ganoïdes:Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz』。
 *1843『A Catalogue of British Fossils, Comprising all the Genera and Species Hitherto Described with References to Their Geological Distribution and to the Localities in Which They Have Been Found:John Morris』。
 *1845『Traité Élémentaire de Paléontologie ou Histoire Naturelle des Animaux, Considérés dans Leurs Rapports Zoologiques et Géologiques 2:François Jules Pictet』。
 *1948『On the Morphology and Taxonomy of the Middle Devonian Osteolepid Fishes of Scotland:Erik Jarvik』。
 *2007『The Synonymy of the Scottish Devonian Osteolepid Fish Thursius macrolepidotus:Michael J.Newman & Jan L.den Blaauwen』。

◆トゥルシウス・ミノル (絶滅)
 Thursius minor Jarvik 1985
 *1985『Devonian Osteolepiform Fishes from East Greenland:Erik Jarvik』。

◆トゥルシウス・フォリドトゥス (絶滅)
 Thursius pholidotus Traquair 1888
 *1888『Notes on the Nomenclature of the Fishes of the Old Bed Sandstone of Great Britain:Ramsay Heatley Traquair』。

◆トゥルシウス・タルシエンシス (絶滅)
 Thursius talsiensis Vorobyova 1971
 *1971『Новый вид остеолепидид иэ среднего девона Латвии:Эмилия Ивановна Воробьева』。

◆トゥルシウス・ウディンゲンシス (絶滅)
 Thursius wudingensis Fan 1992

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